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Enables MS-DOS to use country-specific conventions for displaying times, dates, and currency; for determining the order by which characters are sorted; and for determing which characters can be used in filenames. You can use this command only in your CONFIG.SYS file.

he COUNTRY command configures MS-DOS to recognize the character set and punctuation conventions observed when using one of the supported languages.



xxx (v2.0 NT3.5)
Specifies the country code.
yyy (v2.0 NT3.5)
Specifies the character set for the country.
[drive:][\path\]filename (v2.0 NT3.5)
Specifies the location and name of the file containing country information.




For information about changing characters and their arrangement on your keyboard, see the KEYB command, or see the chapter Customizing for International Use in the MS-DOS User's Guide.
For information about preparing and selecting character sets, see MODE (set device code pages).
For information about loading country-specific information, see NLSFUNC.

Changing default settings

MS-DOS uses the United States as the default setting. You can use the COUNTRY command in your CONFIG.SYS file to change the setting.

If you do not specify the location and name of the file containing country-specific information, MS-DOS tries to find the COUNTRY.SYS file in the root directory of your startup drive.

Specifying supported languages

The following table lists each country or language supported by MS-DOS. The table also lists the character sets you can use with each country code. For example, if you use country code 003, you can use only character set 437 or 850 for the yyy parameter. The first of the two character sets listed for each country or language is its default character set.

    Country or language    Country Character sets code
    Belgium                032     850, 437
    Brazil                 055     850, 437
    Canadian-French        002     863, 850
    Croatia                038     852, 850
    Czech Republic         042     852, 850

    Denmark                045     850, 865
    Finland                358     850, 437
    France                 033     850, 437
    Germany                049     850, 437
    Hungary                036     852, 850

    International. English 061     437, 850
    Italy                  039     850, 437
    Latin America          003     850, 437
    Netherlands            031     850, 437
    Norway                 047     850, 865

    Poland                 048     852, 850
    Portugal               351     850, 860
    Serbia/Yugoslavia      038     852, 850
    Slovakia               042     852, 850
    Slovenia               038     852, 850

    Spain                  034     850, 437
    Sweden                 046     437, 850
    Switzerland            041     850, 437
    United Kingdom         044     437, 850
    United States          001     437, 850
    Country or language    Country Character sets code

Character sets for the following countries or languages are also available with special versions of MS-DOS: Arabic, Israel, Japan, Korea, People's Republic of China, and Taiwan.

Specifying international time and date formats

The country code specifies the time and date formats used by the commands:

The following table lists the date and time formats related to each country code. For each country code, the "Date" column shows how MS-DOS displays January 3, 1993, and the "Time" column shows how MS-DOS displays 5:35 P.M. (with 0 seconds and 0 hundredths of a second).

    Country or language    Country Date       Time
    Belgium                032     23/01/1993 17:35:00
    Brazil                 055     23/01/1993 17:35:00
    Canadian-French        002     1993-01-23 17:35:00
    Czechoslovakia         042     1993-01-23 17:35:00
    Denmark                045     23-01-1993 17.35.00

    Finland                358     23.01.1993 17.35.00
    France                 033     23.01.1993 17:35:00
    Germany                049     23.01.1993 17:35:00
    Hungary                036     1993-01-23 17:35:00
    International. English 061     23-01-1993 5:35:00.00p

    Italy                  039     23/01/1993 17.35.00
    Latin America          003     23/01/1993 5:35:00.00p
    Netherlands            031     23-01-1993 17:35:00
    Norway                 047     23.01.1993 17:35:00
    Poland                 048     1993-01-23 17:35:00

    Portugal               351     23-01-1993 17:35:00
    Spain                  034     23/01/1993 17:35:00
    Sweden                 046     1993-01-23 17.35.00
    Switzerland            041     23.01.1993 17,35,00
    United Kingdom         044     23/01/1993 17:35:00.00

    United States          001     01-23-1993 5:35:00.00p
    Yugoslavia             038     1993-01-23 17:35:00
    Country or language    Country Date       Time

Character sets for the following countries or languages are also available with special versions of MS-DOS: Arabic, Israel, Japan, Korea, People's Republic of China, and Taiwan.


To convert international currency, time, date, and case to French conventions, add the following to your CONFIG.SYS file:


Assume that the COUNTRY.SYS file is in the root directory of the startup drive. If COUNTRY.SYS is in a different location, you would specify the location in [drive:]path on the command line.

To specify a character set with the country code for France, type:


If you omit the character set but include the [drive:][path] filename parameter, you must still type the comma that would have preceded the character set:




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