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Creates, deletes, and lists Web sites on servers running Windows Server 2003 with Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0. Also starts, stops, and pauses the Web sites.


IISWEB[.VBS] [/create | /delete | /pause | /query | /start | /stop] /?

IISWEB[.VBS] /create path site_name [/b port [/d host_header [/dontstart [/i ip_address [/s computer [/u [Domain\]User [/p password]]]

IISWEB[.VBS] {/delete | /pause | /start | /stop} web_site [web_site ...] [/s computer [/u [Domain\]User [/p password]]]

IISWEB[.VBS] /query [web_site [web_site ...]] [/s computer [/u [Domain\]User [/p password]]]

web_site [web_site ...] (NT2003)
Specifies the site name or metabase path of the Web site.
/query will display all sites, if omitted.
Web sites must be uniquely identified. If more than one Web site has the same descriptive name, you must use the metabase path to identify the Web site.
path (NT2003)
Specifies the location of content files for the Web site. Enter a path to a local directory. Any directories in the path do not exist, are created.
The Path parameter must immediately precede the site_name parameter. Otherwise, site information will not be interpreted correctly.
property_id (NT2003)
Specifies the value of the directory or root isolation (required to set user isolation).
site_name (NT2003)
Specifies a name for the Web site.
user_id (NT2003)
Specifies the logon ID of the Active Directory user.

/? (NT2003)
Display help.
/b port (NT2003)
Specifies a TCP port number for the Web site. The default is 21.
/create (NT2003)
Creates Web sites on local and remote servers.
When you create a new Web site, you specify only the basic properties needed to create the site and identify its contents. IISWEB uses the same default properties that IIS uses when establishing new Web sites, and adheres to the same rules for inheriting properties. To configure the more advanced properties of the site, use IIS Manager.
/d host_header (NT2003)
Specifies the host header name for the Web site. By default, the site does not have a host header name and must be identified by its IP address or port number.
/delete (NT2003)
Deletes Web sites on local and remote servers.
/dontstart (NT2003)
Indicates that the Web site does not start automatically as soon as it is created. By default, IIS starts the Web site when the /create command completes successfully.
/i ip_address (NT2003)
Specifies an IP address for the Web site. The default is All Unassigned, which assigns to the site all of the IP addresses on the computer that are not assigned to other sites. Only one site on each IIS server can be set to: All Unassigned.
/query (NT2003)
Displays the Web sites on local and remote servers.
/p password (NT2003)
Specifies the password of the user account that is specified in /u. If omitted, you will be prompted.
/pause (NT2003)
Pauses Web sites on local and remote servers.
/s computer (NT2003)
Runs the script on the specified remote computer. Type the computer name or IP address without backslashes. Defaults to the local computer.
/start (NT2003)
Starts Web sites on local and remote servers.
/stop (NT2003)
Stops Web sites on local and remote servers.
/u [Domain\]User (NT2003)
Runs the script with the permissions of the specified user account. This account must be a member of the Administrators group on the remote computer. By default, the script runs with the permissions of the current user of the local computer.




To perform this procedure, you must be a member of the Administrators group on the local computer, or you must have been delegated the appropriate authority. If the computer is joined to a domain, members of the Domain Admins group might be able to perform this procedure. As a security best practice, consider using "Run as" to perform this procedure.

Does not verify the port number or IP address of an Web site, and it does not verify that these bindings are unique within the server. If you create a site with invalid or conflicting bindings, the site will not start.





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