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Backup drives / folders to tape.



Erase the tape (Requires user confirmation):

NTBACKUP /nopoll

Convert tape to single unit rather than part of a set (Requires user confirmation):

NTBACKUP /missingtape


NTBACKUP BACKUP path [/a] [/t {type}] [/l "logfile"] [/tape:{n}] [/b] [/d "description text"] [/e] [/hc:[on | off]] [/r] [/v]

NTBACKUP BACKUP [SYSTEMSTATE] "@bks_file_name" /J "job_name" [[/A] [/N "media_name"] /F "file_name" | [/N "media_name"] /P "pool_name" | /A /G "guid_name" | /A /T "tape_name"] [/D "set_description"] [/DS "server_name"] [/IS "server_name"] [/V:[YES | NO]] [/R:[YES | NO]] [/L:[F | N | S]] [/M "backup_type"] [/RS:[YES | NO]] [/HC:[ON | OFF]] [/SNAP:[ON | OFF]]

Make backup.
"@bks_file_name" (NTXP)
Specifies the name of the backup selection file (.bks file) to be used for this backup operation. The at (@) character must precede the name of the backup selection file. A backup selection file contains information on the files and folders you have selected for backup. You have to create the file using the graphical user interface (GUI) version of Backup.
path (NT4 ONLY)
One or more paths to be backed up.
Specifies that you want to back up the System State data. When you select this option, the backup type will be forced to normal (copies all selected files and clears the archive attribute on each file) or copy (copies all selected files and does not clear the archive attributes).

/? (NTXP)
Displays help.
/a (NT4)
Append rather than overwrite backup sets onto the tape (required if more then one drive is to be backed up).
/b (NT4 ONLY)
Backup the local registry.
/d "description text" (NT4)
Description of the backup. Specifies a label for each backup set.
/DS "server_name" (NTXP)
Backs up the directory service file for the specified Microsoft Exchange Server.
/e (NT4 ONLY)
Include only exceptions in the backup log.
/F "file_name" (NTXP)
Logical disk path and file name.
/G "guid_name" (NTXP)
Overwrites or appends to this tape.
/hc:[on | off] (NT4)
Uses hardware compression, if available, on the tape drive.
/IS "server_name" (NTXP)
Backs up the Information Store file for the specified Microsoft Exchange Server.
/J "job_name" (NTXP)
Specifies the job name to be used in the log file. The job_name usually describes the files and folders you are backing up in the current backup job as well as the date and time you backed up the files.
/l "logfile" (NT4 ONLY)
The filename for the backup log.
/L:[F | N | S] (NTXP)
Specifies the type of log file:
/M "backup_type" (NTXP)
Specifies the backup type. It must be one of:
/missingtape (NT4 ONLY)
Convert tape to single unit rather than part of a set (Requires user confirmation).
/N "media_name" (NTXP)
Specifies the new tape name.
/nopoll (NT4 ONLY)
Erase the tape (Requires user confirmation).
/P "pool_name" (NTXP)
Specifies the media pool from which you want to use media. This is usually a subpool of the Backup media pool, such as 4mm DDS.
/r (NT4 ONLY)
/R:[YES | NO] (NTXP)
Restricts access to this tape to the owner or members of the Administrators group.
/R:[YES | NO] (NTXP)
Backs up the migrated data files located in Remote Storage. Not required to back up the local Removable Storage database (that contains the Remote Storage placeholder files). When you backup the %SYSTEMROOT% folder, Backup automatically backs up the Removable Storage database as well.
Specifies whether or not the backup is a volume shadow copy (duplicates original volume).
/t {type} (NT4 ONLY)
Backup type, can be one of:
/T "tape_name" (NTXP)
Overwrites or appends to this tape.
/tape:{n} (NT4 ONLY)
The tape drive 'n' is a number from 0 to 9 (assigned during tape drive installation).
/v (NT4 ONLY)
/V:[YES | NO] (NTXP)
Verify the operation.


AT - Schedule a command to run at a later time.
COPY - Copy one or more files to another location.
VERIFY - Verify that files have been saved.
XCOPY - Copy files and folders.
Equivalent Linux BASH command:
tar - Tape ARchiver.


The GUI command 'Operations, Backup' allows Logging options to be set:

To restore a full backup from tape will require the NTBACKUP program itself to be available, in other words you either need to be able to boot NT or reinstall it from the original media. There are no command-line options for running a restore - you have to use the GUI.





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