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Copies files between a Windows NT computer and a system running rshd, the remote shell daemon. The rcp command, a connectivity command, can also be used for other transfer to copy files between two computers running rshd when the command is issued from a Windows NT computer. The rshd daemon is available on UNIX computers, but not on Windows NT, so the Windows NT computer can only participate as the system from which the commands are issued. The remote computer must also provide the rcp utility by running rshd.


RCP [-a | -b] [-h] [-r] source1 source2 ... sourceN destination

destination (NT3.5)
source1 source2 ... sourceN (NT3.5)
Must be of the form [computer[.user]:]filename. If the [computer[.user]:] portion is omitted, the computer is assumed to be the local computer. If the [.user] portion is omitted, the currently logged on Windows 2000 user name is used. If a fully qualified computer name is used, which contains the period (.) separators, then the [.user] must be included. Otherwise, the last part of the computer name will be interpreted as the user name. If multiple source files are specified, the destination must be a directory.
If the file name does not begin with a forward slash (/) for UNIX or a backward slash (\) for Windows 2000 systems, it is assumed to be relative to the current working directory. On Windows 2000, this is the directory from which the command is issued. On the remote system, it is the logon directory for the remote user. A period (.) means the current directory. Use the escape characters (\ , ", or ') in remote paths to use wildcard characters on the remote computer.

-a (NT3.5)
Specifies ASCII transfer mode. This mode converts the carriage return/line feed characters to carriage returns on outgoing files and line feed characters to carriage return/line feed characters for incoming files. This is the default transfer mode.
-b (NT3.5)
Specifies binary image transfer mode. No carriage return/line feed conversion is performed.
-h (NT3.5)
Transfers source files marked with the hidden attribute on the Windows computer. Without this option, hidden files are not copied.
-r (NT3.5)
Recursively copies the contents of all subdirectories of the source to the destination. Both the source and destination must be directories, although using -r works even if the source is not a directory. There just will be no recursion.









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