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Manages Remote Storage. Can run batch scripts for applications that will allow them to access Remote Storage directly.


RSS admin set [/adminexempt:number] [/concurrency:number] [/mediacopies:number] [/recalllimit:number] [/schedule:new_schedule]

RSS admin show [/adminexempt] [/concurrency] [/general] [/manageables] [/managed] [/media] [/mediacopies] [/recalllimit] [/schedule]

RSS file recall [file_specification [file_specification ...]]

RSS media delete media_name [media_name ...] | * /copyset:[number_of_set]

RSS media show media_name [media_name ...] | * [/capacity] [/copies] [/freespace] [/name] [/status] [/version]

RSS media recreatemaster media_name [media_name ...] | * /copyset:[number_of_set] [/wait]

RSS media synchronize media_name [media_name ...] | * /copyset:[number_of_set] [/wait]

RSS volume delete volume_name [volume_name ...] | * /rule:path[:file_extension]

RSS volume job volume_name [volume_name ...] | * [/cancel | /run] [/type:value] [/wait]

RSS volume manage volume_name [volume_name ...] | * [/access:days_not_accessed] [/dfs:desired_free_space] [[/exclude:path[:file_extension]] [/recursive]] [[/include:path[:file_extension]] [/recursive]] [/size:lower_limit]

RSS volume set volume_name [volume_name ...] | * [/access:days_not_accessed] [/dfs:desired_free_space] [[/exclude:path[:file_extension]] [/recursive]] [[/include:path[:file_extension]] [/recursive]] [/size:lower_limit]

RSS volume show volume_name [volume_name ...] | * [/access] [/dfs] [/rule] [/size] [/statistics]

RSS volume unmanage volume_name [volume_name ...] | * [/full | /quick]

admin set (NT2003)
Modify Remote Storage parameters.
admin show (NT2003)
Display the Remote Storage parameters.
When invoked without switches, the system displays all Remote Storage parameters.
file_specification [file_specification ...] (NT2003)
Specifies the files to be recalled. You can use the asterisk (*) and question mark (?) wildcard characters.
file recall (NT2003)
Recall files from remote storage.
This command is synchronous, which means that it will not return to the command prompt until Remote Storage has recalled all files.
media_name [media_name ...] | * (NT2003)
If you use an asterisk (*) in place of a media_name, will display parameters for all media.
media delete (NT2003)
Delete remote storage data from specified media.
media show (NT2003)
Display information about specified media.
media recreatemaster (NT2003)
Recreate a master from a specified copy.
media synchronize (NT2003)
Synchronize a copy set.
volume_name [volume_name ...] | * (NT2003)
If you use an asterisk (*) in place of a volume_name, will display parameters for all volumes.
If no other switches, will display all parameters for the specified volumes.
volume delete (NT2003)
Remove an include or exclude rule.
volume job (NT2003)
Run or cancel a single Remote Storage job.
volume manage (NT2003)
Manage a volume.
volume set (NT2003)
Modify settings for a specified volume.
volume show (NT2003)
Show parameters for a specified volume.
volume unmanage (NT2003)
Stop managing a volume.

/access (NT2003)
Displays the last access date migration criteria for managed files.
/access:days_not_accessed (NT2003)
Only files that have not been accessed in the specified number of days or longer will be managed (default 180).
/adminexempt (NT2003)
Displays whether administrators are exempt from the runaway recall limit.
/adminexempt:number (NT2003)
Specifies whether administrators are exempt from the runaway recall limit:
/cancel (NT2003)
Cancels the specified job, if it is running. Cancelling a job that is not running will do nothing.
/capacity (NT2003)
Displays the media capacity in gigabytes (GB).
/concurrency (NT2003)
Displays the number of migrate jobs/recalls that can be executed concurrently.
/concurrency:number (NT2003)
Specifies how many migrate jobs/recalls can be executed concurrently.
/copies (NT2003)
Displays the number of existing copies for the media and each copy's status.
/copyset:[number_of_set] (NT2003)
Specifies the copy set to copy/delete/synchronize on the specified media (1..3).
/dfs (NT2003)
Displays the desired free space setting for the volume.
/dfs:desired_free_space (NT2003)
Sets the desired free space setting for the volume to the specified percentage (default 5).
/exclude:path[:file_extension] (NT2003)
Specifies an exclusion rule to be added to the volume.
/freespace (NT2003)
Displays the amount of free space on the media in gigabytes.
/full (NT2003)
Removes the volume or volumes from management and recalls all files from remote storage.
/general (NT2003)
Displays general information about Remote Storage: version, status, number of volumes managed, number of tape cartridges used, data in remote storage.
/include:path[:file_extension] (NT2003)
Specifies an inclusion rule to be added to the volume.
/manageables (NT2003)
Displays the volumes that are available for management by Remote Storage.
/managed (NT2003)
Displays the volumes that are currently being managed by Remote Storage.
/media (NT2003)
Displays the set of media currently allocated for Remote Storage.
/mediacopies (NT2003)
Displays the configured number of media copies.
/name (NT2003)
Displays the Removable Storage name for the media.
/quick (NT2003)
Removes the volume or volumes from management without recalling all files from remote storage (default).
/recalllimit (NT2003)
Displays the runaway recall limit runaway.
/recalllimit:number (NT2003)
Sets the runaway recall limit to the specified number.
/recursive (NT2003)
Specifies that the rule should be applied to all folders under the given path.
/rule (NT2003)
Displays all include/exclude rules for the volume in appropriate format, indicating which are system rules that cannot be deleted.
/rule:path[:file_extension] (NT2003)
Specifies an inclusion or exclusion rule to delete from the volume.
/run (NT2003)
Runs the specified job (default).
/schedule (NT2003)
Displays the schedule.
/schedule:new_schedule (NT2003)
Schedules migration jobs as specified: at {startup | idle | login | Time} every occurrence {day | [week specifier] | [month specifier]} time
occurrence (NT2003)
Specifies how many days, weeks or months pass between jobs.
specifier (NT2003)
Indicates the day of the week
  • 0 Sunday
  • 1 Monday
  • 2 Tuesday
  • 3 Wednesday
  • 4 Thursday
  • 5 Friday
  • 6 Saturday
OR indicates day of month (1..31).
time (NT2003)
Specified using the 24 hour, HH:MM:SS format.
/size (NT2003)
Displays the minimum size for files to be managed.
/size:lower_limit (NT2003)
Sets the minimum size in kilobytes (KB) for files to be managed (default 12). Only files larger than the specified size will be managed.
/statistics (NT2003)
/status (NT2003)
Displays the media status.
/type:value (NT2003)
Specifies the type of job to run:
/version (NT2003)
Displays the most recent update date for the media.
/wait (NT2003)
Indicates that the jobs should run synchronously on each volume and that Remote Storage will wait until all jobs are complete or it encounters an error before returning to the command prompt. If omitted, all jobs will run asynchronously on each volume, and Remote Storage will return to the command prompt without waiting for the jobs to finish.









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