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POP3 service command line administration tool.


WINPOP [add {DomainName | UserName@DomainName [/createuser Password]}] [changepwd UserName@DomainName NewPassword] [createquotafile UserName@DomainName [/user:UserName]] [delete {DomainName | UserName@DomainName [/deleteuser]}] [help] [list [DomainName]] [lock {DomainName | UserName@DomainName}] [migrateToAD UserName@DomainName] [stat [DomainName]] [unlock {DomainName | UserName@DomainName}]

WINPOP GET [auth[entication]] [logging] [mailroot] [port] [socket] [socketbacklog] [socketmax] [socketmin] [socketthreshold] [sparequired] [threadcount]

WINPOP SET [auth[entication] {1 | 2 | 3}] [logging {0 | 1 | 2 | 3}] [mailroot Path] [port PortNumber] [socket Value1 Value2 Value3 Value4] [socketbacklog Value] [socketmax Value] [socketmin Value] [socketthreshold Value] [sparequired {0 | 1}] [threadcount Value]

add {DomainName | UserName@DomainName [/createuser Password]} (NT2003)
Creates a new domain or mailbox. If you are using Active Directory integrated authentication or local Windows accounts authentication, you must create a user account when creating a mailbox, unless one exists already. If you are using encrypted password file authentication, you must create a user account using the /createuser switch, otherwise you will be unable to create the mailbox. The user account created when using encrypted password file authentication does not have logon rights. The maximum length for a mailbox name is 20 characters for local Windows accounts authentication, and 64 characters for encrypted password file authentication or Active Directory integrated authentication. The minimum length is 1 character. The value for DomainName must be the fully qualified domain name.
auth[entication] (NT2003)
auth[entication] {1 | 2 | 3} (NT2003)
If the computer on which the POP3 service is running is a domain controller, use:
If the computer on which the POP3 service is running is an Active Directory member server, use:
Otherwise, use:
changepwd UserName@DomainName NewPassword (NT2003)
Changes the password of the mailbox's user account.
createquotafile UserName@DomainName [/user:UserName] (NT2003)
Creates a quota file for the user specified. The /user switch specifies a different user account for the quota to reference.
delete {DomainName | UserName@DomainName [/deleteuser]} (NT2003)
Deletes an existing domain or mailbox. When deleting a mailbox, you can specify to delete the associated user account, if it exists.
Warning: Deleting a domain will delete all the mailboxes in that domain, the corresponding mail store directories, and all e-mail stored in those directories.
help (NT2003)
Display command help.
list [DomainName] (NT2003)
Lists all POP3 service domains or, if the domain value is specified, all the mailboxes in the domain.
lock {DomainName | UserName@DomainName} (NT2003)
Locks a domain or a mailbox. If a domain is locked all the mailboxes in the domain are locked and all users attempting to retrieve e-mail are denied a connection. Incoming e-mail for the domain is still received and delivered to the appropriate mailbox directory in the mail store. The POP3 service will continue to send outgoing mail.
logging (NT2003)
logging {0 | 1 | 2 | 3} (NT2003)
Sets the event logging level for the POP3 service:
mailroot (NT2003)
mailroot Path (NT2003)
Sets the mail store directory for the POP3 service. The value for Path must be either a directory on the local file system or a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path. The maximum allowable value is 260 characters.
migrateToAD UserName@DomainName (NT2003)
Migrates an encrypted password file authentication user account, including its password, to an Active Directory user account. This command can be used only if the current authentication method is encrypted password file authentication.
port (NT2003)
port PortNumber (NT2003)
Sets the port on which the POP3 service listens for POP3 e-mail clients and responds to connection requests. The value for PortNumber must be between 1 - 65535.
socket (NT2003)
socket Value1 Value2 Value3 Value4 (NT2003)
socketbacklog (NT2003)
socketbacklog Value (NT2003)
Sets the number of connections that are held in a waiting state once socketmax Value has been reached. For the number of connection attempts between socketmax Value and socketmax Value + socketbacklog Value, connections will be accepted but will not receive any response until a new socket becomes available. Once socketbacklog is filled, new connections attempts are denied. The value for socketbacklog Value must be between 0 - 100.
socketmax (NT2003)
socketmax Value (NT2003)
Sets the maximum number of sockets the service will create. Once the number of sockets specified by socketmax Value has been reached, any new connection attempts are held until an existing connection is disconnected. Defaults to 50. The value for socketmax Value must be between 1 - 32000 and greater than socketmin Value + socketthreshold Value.
socketmin (NT2003)
socketmin Value (NT2003)
Sets the minimum number of sockets the service will maintain. Defaults to 10. The value for socketmin Value must be between 1 - 32000 and less than socketmax Value.
socketthreshold (NT2003)
socketthreshold Value (NT2003)
Sets the number of new sockets to create at a time. Once the existing sockets are used, if there are still remaining sockets available, then N number of new sockets will be created, where N is the value of socketthreshold. The value for socketthreshold Value must be between 0 - 100 and greater than 0 unless socketmin Value = socketmax Value.
sparequired (NT2003)
sparequired {0 | 1} (NT2003)
Sets the mail server to require Secure Password Authentication for all client connections:
stat [DomainName] (NT2003)
Displays server statistics: total number of mailboxes, total disk usage, total number of stored e-mail, the lock/unlock status of the domains, and the total number of domains. When the DomainName option is passed, displays the domain statistics: total number of mailboxes in the domain, the lock/unlock status of the individual mailboxes, total size of the domain, and total number of e-mail messages stored in the domain.
threadcount (NT2003)
threadcount Value (NT2003)
Sets the number of threads to run for the POP3 service. The value for Value must be between 1 - 32, equal to the number of CPUs installed on the computer on which the POP3 service is running.
unlock {DomainName | UserName@DomainName} (NT2003)
Unlock a previously locked domain and all mailboxes in the domain or a single mailbox, if that mailbox is not locked as part of a domain lock. All users attempting to download mail from the POP3 service will be able to connect and retrieve e-mail again.











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